June 2020 Quarter Newsletter

Along with our new and improved website, we have prepared our June 2020 Quarter Newsletter for you. 

This newsletter includes Post-Pandemic ways to help your business survive, 2020 Year-End Tax Planning, and much more. 

BONUS: Last two pages include 2020 Tax Return Client Checklist. 

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From KP Partners

3 Responses

  1. Hi KPP,
    A newsletter of 12 pages of small-ish print is too much! People’s (meaning: my) attention span is not long enough. There is also no table of contents that could direct readers to sections or articles relevant to them.
    You could consider the following:
    1 – publishing more regularly with less content
    2 – splitting into sections eg. General News, Personal, Small Business, etc…
    3 – including a table of contents
    Hope this is useful feedback…
    Marcus Schnell

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